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Live Blackjack: Live dealers Casino

Online blackjack with live dealers casinoOne can play online blackjack in online casinos offering real blackjack tables filmed with webcams like in Celtic Casino and many other online casinos. New technology means that blackjack fans can play blackjack on any computer. Real blackjack tables with real live dealers are set up in a room sometimes in a land based casino such as Dublinbet. Webcams film live all that is going on at the online blackjack table.

Blackjack Live Dealers

Dealers at the blackjack tables can chat with players who are sitting comfortably in their own homes. English is the language used most often in the live chat between the dealers and players. The dealers are often ladies from Eastern Europe or Asia depending on the software used by specialist live casinos. It must be said that the female dealers are chosen for their intellectual ability and also for their appearance. Nothing can beat gambling in a live casino like Betfair Casino with its charming female dealers. Players are at a real table with real dealers and apart from not being able to touch the cards or chips it’s exactly like being in an actual casino.

Online Blackjack Bonuses

If you like having bonuses you may be disappointed by live gaming sites because bonuses are not their strong point. They usually offer a 100% bonus on just the first deposit. Some casinos offer cash back on the first deposit if the casino wins and then a percentage of the bet is credited in real money to the player’s account. Just as is the case in real casinos, ardent blackjack players, in particular high rollers, don’t need bonuses to play blackjack.

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