Macau CasinoThis former Portuguese colony has succeeded in dethroning the world gaming empire, Las Vegas. Since cash games are banned in China, Macau immediately attracted many Chinese tourists who didn’t hesitate to travel to try their luck. Faced with a massive influx, huge gaming complexes were built and luxurious hotels based on the Las Vegas Strip saw the light of day.

American Magnat Casino

Since 2002 foreign gaming operators, in particular Americans, were given the authorisation to set up in Macau. This is the case of Sheldon Adelson, who is the leader of a financial empire and who owns the very well known group, the Las Vegas Sands. The extremely rich businessman didn’t hesitate to invest almost 4.5 million dollars in his new Project, the Sands Cotai Central which is now under construction.
In 2011, Macau easily beat Las Vegas by publishing results that were four times higher. The year 2012 is just confirming this leadership position since turnover has increased by 13.5% which is 38 billion dollars. The month of December was very profitable as revenue was almost 20% in the space of a year. At the moment, 6 groups hold the necessary licences to offer cash games in Macau.With such success, Macau wished to enlarge its territory and so decided to construct an artificial island on the old marshes.
The project should take place in 2015 and may cost 240 million dollars. Vast gaming complexes will enlarge the range of gaming available in the former colony and will without doubt rival the existing casinos for splendour and beauty. More than likely, gaming operators will compete keenly to obtain a licence to set up in this dream location. But by wishing to extend its land devoted to gaming, will Macau run the risk of construction too many casinos which may not bring in the hoped for clientele? The future will reveal all…