Casinos have always been places exclusively devoted to the world of gaming. But since the ban on smoking in these venues, the recession and the legalisation of online gaming, casino directors have decided to widen their range of activities to attract a larger clientele. So restaurants, theatres, discotheques… have appeared in almost all casinos. Thanks to this investment, the casinos can rely on other income which allows them to increase their revenue which counts a lot in this time of economic downturn.

The new Montrond-les-Bains Joa casino offers various gaming areas. It has 225 slot machines, electronic roulette and 9 gaming tables (Blackjack, English roulette, boule and poker). But this casino has understood that gaming shouldn’t be the only activity on offer in its brand new establishment and this is the reason why it has decided to become a real leisure complex by offering a completely new concept. This 4150m2 complex opens to the outside and has 1800m2 of windows which allows the casino to benefit from great light. The colours are bright and the design is very modern which gives the Montrond-les-Bains Joa casino a very pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, relaxation areas have been set up for clients who wish to unwind, without forgetting a dance floor, a lounge bar, a restaurant, a theatre and a bowling alley. For the first time ever the Montrond-les-Bains Joa casino has set up in the middle of its establishment a completely traditional brewery which offers two types of beer brewed on the premises: a light and a dark beer. Any clients who want to have the possibility of having a complete explanation of how the beers are produced and of following each stage.

Casinos have learned to adapt to the times and have clearly understood that to last in the world of gaming they must not only diversify the games on offer but also become leisure complexes. In this way they can attract a new clientele which up to then wasn’t attracted by the world of gaming.