Cambodia casinoIn Asia there has been a huge increase in the number of casinos. In reality, it’s the attraction of tourists for these casinos which has fuelled this increase in particular inhabitants of neighbouring countries. In fact, these also have several casinos in their own country but they are only open to foreigners and are strictly forbidden to locals. This is the reason why they have no other choice but to travel to a foreign country to fulfil their passion.Macau has succeeded in taking first place in the world for cash games even dethroning Las Vegas. This former Portuguese colony which is the only Chinese region to authorise cash games brought in almost 38 billion dollars last year. Foreigners can spend their money in ever more prestigious establishments.Cambodia comes in second place for cash games in Asia. With its 20 land based establishments, it is attracting more and more foreigners and is pleased to have reached a level of income of about 12 million dollars. Naga World, a huge gaming complex with a world wide reputation even surpasses some casinos. The players who come to chance their luck belong to low income classes which bet minimal amounts as well as to VIP players who are prepared to spend a fortune. Cambodia is well aware of the tourists’ craze for gambling and hopes to develop this business in the near future. It has already installed casinos along the border separating it from Vietnam, at Poipet and at Bavet, which allows it to attract many Vietnamese players.Investors may rush to set up in this country which just might take over from Macau. The Cambodian government wishes to place an emphasis on gaming without running the risk of putting its own inhabitants in danger by continuing its protection policy of making them pay a 62 euro entry fee in order to limit their visits to casinos.