Two Nuns Steal to Gamble in Las Vegas CasinosAll gamblers dream of Las Vegas. It’s difficult to remain indifferent to its many casinos and neon signs. Slot machines are everywhere in this entertainment mecca in Nevada. Every year millions of tourists visit this city in the middle of the desert. Even though Las Vegas’ casinos have lost their place as the international gaming Capital to Macau, they still are an important destination for slot machine and table games fans. Everyone loves Las Vegas, even Sister Mary Margaret Keuper and Sister Lana Chang. These two nuns are regular payers who visited Las Vegas’ casinos although the money bet in casino games wasn’t really blessed.

Live Dealers Casino brings you this unusual story of two nuns with not very Catholic tendencies.

Two sisters take from the school funds to gamble in Vegas

Sister Mary Margaret Keuper and Sister Lana Chang have been friends for twenty years. Both of them have retired. Founded in 1650 in Puy-en-Veley, the order of the Sisters of  Saint Joseph of Carondelet has a school near Los Angeles. Both nuns worked in the school.  Sister Mary Margaret Keuper was the school principal and Sister Lana Chang was a teacher. They embezzled 500,000 dollars to gamble in Las Vegas casinos. To come by this money they just kept cheques meant for the school. So instead of using their own money, the two nuns used the catholic school’s money to play the slots and table games in Las Vegas’ casinos.

Audit, repentance and apologies

After an audit, the school’s accounts were gone through and the embezzlement was noticed. The fraud had gone on for about ten years. The two nuns have retired, they admitted the crime and co-operated fully with the inquiry. They have repented and apologised to the families. The order of the Sisters of  Saint Joseph of Carondelet plans to “fully reimburse the Saint James School”. The Archbishop of Los Angeles plans to be the plaintiff in this unusual case.

Both of these nuns are addicted gamblers and were prepared to embezzle money to visit casinos in Las Vegas. The school knew that they frequently went to Las Vegas but didn’t know that the money was the school’s. The nuns, who are retired will have plenty of time to confess their sins.