Baccarat player refuses to repay his debt of 43 million AUD to The Star Gold Coast CasinoAsian gamblers are known to be fervent baccarat players. It’s not just by accident that casinos in Singapore and Macau have more baccarat tables than roulette and blackjack. One just has to take a trip around Asian casinos to see how popular the game of baccarat is. Players flock to these tables in particular high roller players, who have access to private tables with crazy bets.

Casinos everywhere in the world pay particular attention to these high level players. The Star Gold Coast casino is one of these and it did everything to have Dr. Wong Yew Choy, a baccarat player living in Singapore, come play at its tables. The problem is that this player doesn’t want to honour his debts of 43 million AUD following several mistakes made by dealers.

Live Dealers Casino brings you the whole story of big money between a high roller baccarat player and an Australian casino.

Baccarat debt of 43 million AUD in the Star Gold Coast Casino

Dr Wong Yew Choy lives in Singapore and is a high roller, who is not afraid of anything. To spend more than 8.5 million AUD per day for 5 days, one needs a large bank account, which is true for  this businessman, who has one passion : playing baccarat. The Australian casino, the Star Gold Coast, sent a private jet so that Dr. Wong Yew Choy could spend a few days enjoying himself in its hotel and at the same time also enjoy his favourite game, baccarat.

Casinos use all sorts of marketing ploys to bring high level players to their VIP tables. From a Royal suite to a limousine and other financial possibilities for gambling without counting, nothing is too good for these types of player. The Star Gold Coast Casino gave this player carte blanche to play baccarat at one of its VIP tables. In exchange, the player signed a blank cheque to cover any eventual debts.

Over 5 days, the VIP player Dr. Wong Yew Choy chalked up a debt of more than 43 million Australian dollars  at the VIP baccarat table. Not everyone can gamble more than 8.6 million AUD per day at baccarat! The Star entertainment Group, the Star Gold Coast Casino’s parent company, is trying to recover this amount.

Repeated dealer errors

The Singapore player has asked his bank to block the cheque that he gave to the casino. The reason given ; too many dealer errors. The player complained that the dealers turned over his cards whereas he should have done it himself. The casino admitted to some errors and sent him a letter apologising. Even so, Dr wong Yew Choy continued to play at baccarat tables and lose even more. The player hasn’t cleared his debts since 2018. Following more dealer errors, he stopped playing and returned home. Star Entertainment Group then went to the Singapore High court to sort the case. The casino tried several times to settle the case with the High Roller but in vain.

The Singapore court will decide and each side has to provide proof to resolve the case. If Dr Wong Yew Choy had played at Evolution Gaming’s online baccarat table, Baccarat Control Squeeze, he wouldn’t have had this problem because the player turns his cards over virtually himself even before the dealer actually does it. To be continued…..