Several online casinos have specialised in traditional games by giving regular players of live roulette, baccarat and blackjack the possibility of playing with live dealers all from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, casinos like Celtic Casino are pioneers in live gaming and allow players to bet at their chosen table with real flesh and blood dealers.

Live casinos’ cutting edge software

In order to give the impression of being in a land based casino and to offer real gaming tables to online casino players, the technology must be the very best. Visionary Gaming (VIG), Playtech or Vuetec enable the live transmission of what is going on in a room where several baccarat, blackjack and roulette tables are set up. In fact, cameras installed facing the female dealer permanently film the female dealer and the gaming table and players, with their eyes riveted on their screen, play just as if they were in an actual casino.

Other cameras placed on the ceiling can zoom in on the roulette wheel and show on which number the ball has stopped. Also, microphones allow one to hear the female dealer even though she cannot carry on a conversation with online players. This operation requires advanced technology so that the gaming is smooth and takes place without any bugs. Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino are the leading casinos among live casinos. Their experience in this area has allowed them to make their gaming tables available without any concerns and high rollers are mad about them. In fact, it’s no longer necessary for major land based casino players to go to a real casino since online casinos offer them in their own homes, real tables with better bonuses and the possibility of smoking. Since it is known that land based casinos are non smoking, it’s preferable to opt for a live casino and to benefit from its many advantages.

Players in live online casinos are both spectators and actors in the live casinos. In fact, the online players are spectators because they see everything that is going on in the gaming room and also take part in the turnover of the dealers. They are also actors because with a single click they can bet or even chat with the dealer.

We have added some photos of rooms with live dealers in which one can see the cameras and microphones in front of the casino dealers. As you will have noticed, the female dealers are very charming and professional.