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A Frenchman in Prison because of a Casino in Singapore

A frenchman in prison because of Resorts World SentosaFor a few years now Asia has been considered to be the new Eldorado for gambling. Macau has greatly outstripped Las Vegas and the results are very encouraging for the future. This ex-Portuguese colony is having great success because it is the only Chinese area which allows cash games. Several gaming complexes all ever more gigantic are constructed every year in order to fulfil the growing demand from the neighbouring countries. In the face of this phenomenal success, Singapore also wants its piece of the cake. So the number of casinos has greatly increased and players are pouring in. Even foreigners are crossing continents to indulge their passion.This is what happened at the end of March when two Frenchmen and a Spaniard decided to go to Singapore to try their luck in one of the many casinos. They wanted to gamble in a brand new casino, the Resorts World Sentosa. So far nothing out of the ordinary. But what alerted the directors was the fact that within a few minutes they managed to pocket 8 000 euros. Their number had been perfectly worked out: as soon as the ball stopped on a number, the two accomplices created a diversion to attract the dealer’s attention in order to let the Frenchman place his chips on the winning number. Unfortunately, their ploy only lasted a few minutes because they were immediately arrested and thrown into prison. After two long months in prison, the three criminals were released on bail while awaiting their court case. This very tough experience led them to flee from Singapore. This is what they did and they arrived in Paris on the 26th of May 2010. The gamblers finally felt secure and carried on living peacefully.But last December one of the French gamblers travelled by plane and was arrested in Frankfurt because an international arrest warrant had been issued for him. After 7 months in prison in Germany, he was extradited to Singapore where he was given 9 months in prison. The other Frenchman has never been found and the Spaniard has since died. Singapore doesn’t plan to give up and wants to make all fraudsters pay. Such punishment will deter most…

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