Macau Casinos : Huge increase in the number of under age players barred from casinosIn 2017, 430 000 minors were refused entry to Macau casinos. This figure is up 23% compared to 2016 when 350 000 minors weren’t able to play slot machines and other casino table games. Macau’s casinos are quite strict about the legal age to play baccarat, blackjack, sic bo, craps and slot machines. Moreover, players and the casino can be fined if a minor plays in a casino and so 430 000 people weren’t able to play their favourite games in the international gaming capital.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more information on the regulation of casinos in Macau and on their income in 2017.

Fines for minors who gamble and casinos

In 2012, the legal age to enter casinos in Macau rose from 18 to 21. Now, one needs to be 21 to go into a Macau casino. Whether it’s the Venetian Casino, Wynn Palace Casino, Lisboa Casino or the MGM Casino just to mention a few, it’s necessary to be 21 to enter casinos. In 2017, 430 000 people were refused entry because they weren’t yet 21 years old. The police can fine those who succeed in gaining entry. Under age players who manage to  enter a casino and who are arrested by the police face a fine of 1000 MOP (100 Euros) up to 10 000 MOP (1000 Euro). The casino operator can also be fined but this time it’s a much heftier one than that faced by a player. A casino could face a fine ranging from 10 000 to 500 000 MOP (50 000 Euros). So it’s obvious that the casinos take care to prevent under age players from entering.

27.5 billion euros for Macau’s casinos in 2017

Gaming revenue in Macau’s casinos increased by 19%  in 2017 and reached 265.7 billion pataca or 27.5 billion euros. This seems like an amazing amount and yet it seems “derisory” compared to the amount from 2013. Five years ago Macau’s casinos brought in more than 45 billion dollars or 33 billion euros. This amount was seven times more than the casinos of Las Vegas. At that time, analysts thought that casino revenue would reach 77 billion dollars in 2017. However, these analysts hadn’t foreseen that the Chinese  government would launch an anti-corruption campaign that would involve many high rollers. From 2014, Macau’s casinos saw some “difficult times” but now growth has returned much to the delight of the  casino owners and in particular the American magnate, Sheldon Adelson.

Macau remains an important place for players of table games and cards and in particular for baccarat fans, which is the most widespread card game in Asian casinos. Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Squeeze table follows the Macau casinos’ way of playing and the dealer bends the cards before revealing their value. Macau’s casinos’ revenue is increasing as is the number of under age players who can’t enter because they’re not yet the legal age.