Neuchatel Casino in Switzerland launches its legal online casinoOn the 1st of January 2019, the new federal law reglementing cash games in Switzerland, the LJA came into effect. Voted on by Swiss citizens after national consultation, as is the custom in the Swiss confederation, the law allows operators of local casinos to offer online gaming platforms.

Taking advantage of this new opportunity, the Neuchatel Casino is preparing to launch during the summer, its legal online casino in Switzerland.

Now Switzerland is legalising internet cash games like many other countries such as Belgium, Spain, Italy, Malta, Britain and most recently Sweden to name just a few.

Live Dealers Casino brings you all on Neuchatel’s upcoming legal online casino and also on the model that inspired Switzerland.

The first Suisse Romande online casino

With the LJA vote, Switzerland has decided to improve even more its cash game industry. As it is, this new reglementary code puts in place a certain number of mechanisms to regulate to the  maximum the operators in the sector and to protect national players as much as possible.

To do this, provision is made to block in Switzerland, access to foreign online casinos while allowing casino operators already physically present in the Confederation, to create their own online gaming platforms.

It’s a model that is quite close to the one in Belgium and which allows legally registered Swiss casinos to enter new parts of the market.

Although for the moment, only 6 have officially asked to do this. The Neuchatel Casino is among these and for the moment it’s the only Suisse Romande (French speaking region) casino to move in this direction.

Like in Belgium, only casinos can offer live online slot machines, table and card games! So Swiss land based casinos are going to sign partnerships with online gaming operators to have a presence on the web.

Launch of the Neuchatel online casino planned for this summer

Unless there’s an exceptional decision made to the contrary, the Neuchatel Casino should have the go ahead from the Federal Commission for Casinos (CFMJ), the Swiss regulator, before this summer.

While they’re waiting, the casino team is already actively preparing the launch of the site. The group’s technical teams are already at work and the files for validation of the different games are ready in line with the requirements of the CFMJ.

In principal, the Neuchatel Casino should offer in its online platform, the same games that are available in its real casino.

Access to the online casino will be limited to Swiss players and will require registration and the provision of a copy of ID. We must mention that when the new law comes into force, that the granting of a licence to open an online casino is done individually by casino and not by operator.

Another licence for online poker

Parallel to this, the Neuchatel Casino has planned to increase its table game range by adding two cash game poker tables. This should happen over the coming weeks.

The casino also wants to add these poker tables to the range of games on its future online gaming site. However it will probably have to wait a while for this. In line with the new laws, a specific licence is necessary for this game.