Live casinoMajor land based casino gamblers who visit high bet gaming tables are known as High Rollers in casino jargon. These high rollers can bet huge sums in real casinos in France, Monaco, Las Vegas or Macao. This can go from chip bets of 1000 euros to hundreds of thousands of dollars for certain players.

Play with Real Live dealers

High rollers are avid players of roulette, blackjack and baccarat and this trio of games is also found in live casinos. In fact, live casinos like Celtic Casino or Fairway Casino offer excellent gaming tables much sought after by high rollers for their comfort and especially due to the ability to smoke in one’s own home. Most casinos in France, Monaco and Belgium are non-smoking and high rollers can be in a real traditional gaming room in front of a real dealer while playing on the internet. The icing on the cake – the player gets a welcome bonus and large bonuses if he stays loyal to the gaming platform just as happens in real casinos (travel and lodgings paid by the casino, all sorts of presents etc).It is in the interest of high rollers to play in live casinos because of their gaming tables hosted by superb professional female dealers and being able to avoid any inconvenience like travel (cost and time), bad weather and the smoking ban. Live casinos are facing a good future and this can only please high roller players.