Lightning Roulette Launching In Land-Based CasinosWhen it comes to covering the latest news and events related to live dealer casinos, we can say we cover Evolution more than any other company. This Swedish iGaming powerhouse constantly releases new games, strikes new deals, and pushes the live dealer casino games sector forward.

Of all of its successful live games, Lightning Roulette has been one of the biggest hits. It has taken live gaming by storm, with several copycats creating similar games to win back their share of players.

However, Evolution is usually one step ahead, and once again, it has outdone its closest rivals.

Partnering with Scientific Games, Evolution’s Lightning Roulette will become available at land casinos across the globe.

Details of the Land-Based Lightning Roulette Deal

  • The deal gives Scientific Games exclusivity to offer Lightning Roulette at land casinos. Evolution’s signature Lightning Roulette wheel will be used along with the special effects the game is known for.
  • These two companies have a good business relationship and have made several deals before. For example, Evolution has adapted some of Scientific’s poker games and its Monopoly Live game for its live casino players.
  • The infamous Lightning multipliers will be available as usual. These give players the chance to win up to 500x on lucky straight bets.
  • The land-based version of this live dealer roulette online will be available in European, Canadian, and legal USA markets. It is expected to spread further afield and become available to players all over the world.
  • Evolution’s Chief Product Officer expressed his excitement at the company’s first land-based game going live, re-emphasizing the firm’s determination to make Evolution games available to players everywhere.
  • The land-based live dealer casino roulette game is scheduled to go live in 2022. Further details will be announced closer to the launch date.

Usually, it’s land-based games that get adapted to suit the online format. This is the first case we’re aware of where an online game has been adapted to offline casinos. This is a trend we’d expect to continue if this one is successful.

How Live Lightning Roulette Works

Why is Lightning Roulette considered the best live dealer roulette game online? It offers exciting multipliers and showbusiness game elements that make it better than most live dealer roulette USA games.

  • Lightning Roulette is played in a dedicated game studio with lots of special effects. Dimmed lighting, electronic screens to display multipliers and winning numbers, and a dedicated live dealer set the tone for the game and provide an all-in-one entertainment experience.
  • After the betting window closes, up to five numbers are selected by the game’s RNG, and multipliers of up to 500x apply to them. These numbers are announced after all bets have been placed, so some players choose to make as many straight bets as possible to maximize the opportunity to win.
  • It’s possible to win several multipliers, but players will have to get lucky twice. First, they’ll have to bet on the Lightning numbers, and then they’ll have to win on that number.
  • To pay for these multipliers, Evolution reduces the payout of standard (non-lighting) straight bets to 30:1. Players can still win these bets even when they fail to win on Lightning numbers.

Our Analysis of This Latest Development

This is yet another example of Evolution’s aggressive expansion and growth strategy. We’ve been amazed at how quickly this company has grown over the past several years, and with rapid expansion into the live dealer online casino USA markets in legal states like New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and others, adding this land-based game opens up new revenue streams for this already wildly successful company.

As well as being available at the best live dealer casinos in the USA and elsewhere, this mega-hit live game will now be available at some of the world’s top land casinos. We’d expect Evolution to launch several other signature games in real-world casinos in the future. Could Monopoly Live be next? Perhaps it will be Deal or No Deal? We’re not certain, but if this is popular with players, we’d expect this trend to continue in the years to come as Evolution solidifies its dominance at the top of the live gaming industry.

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