No Commission Speed Baccarat available in Lucky31 CasinoOver the past few months, Evolution Gaming has increased its development of Live Baccarat tables in order to enlarge its range even more for fans of the famous card game. The latest of these tables is No Commission Speed Baccarat ; a version which indicates by its name, the developer’s wish to offer an even more interesting and captivating gaming experience.

The good news for players registered in Lucky31 is that this game is already available in the live section of their favourite online casino.

A combination of two versions

One doesn’t need to be a genius to guess what is behind this new Evolution Gaming version. One just has to look to its name to see that the Riga based developer has decided to combine the characteristics of two other versions to get a completely new game with even more benefits for players. To start with there is No Commission Baccarat . Launched a few months ago by Evolution Gaming, this version stands out from all other Baccarat tables because players don’t have to pay the well known commission on winnings made by betting on the Banker’s hand. Automatically deducted in other versions, this 5% isn’t taken at the new table, No Commission Speed Baccarat . So no matter on which hand you bet here, you’ll cash in all of your winnings.

The other version that inspired Evolution Gaming for its new table is Speed Baccarat. Up to now, this is the quickest version of the game. Here, each game lasts less than 30 seconds thanks to the dexterity of the dealers at the tables and thanks also to good organisation from the developer. This characteristic is also available at the No Commission Speed Baccarat table.

Other characteristics of this version

Apart from these two main differences, No Commission Speed Baccarat generally has the same style and betting rules as Evolution Gaming’s other Baccarat tables. The payouts offered are the same as at a classic table and you can make various types of side bets: Player Pair, Banker Pair, Super 6, Banker Bonus, Player Bonus and Perfect Pair. With the last one, you could win up to 200 times your bet!

Are you ready to try your luck at the new table No Commission Speed Baccarat ? If so go to Lucky31 Casino’s live section and play now. Bets start from €1 and you can bet a maximum of  €10 000 per game. The game’s interface is optimized for playing on a PC or Mc, smartphone or tablet. You can play at any time you wish. Good luck!