Casino Saint Amand les Eaux PartoucheThe Partouche group had its first casino in 1973. This casino was re-named Pasino on the 29th of December 2003 so as to keep the P in Partouche. Incredible innovations have been put in place to give the Pasino back the image of one of the world’s dream destinations. The changes have involved modernisation combined with even more beauty and diversity in the business. More than 300 slot machines, traditional gaming rooms with Texas hold’em, black jack, English roulette and Ohama poker await to give players complete satisfaction. Restaurants offering a broad gastronomic choice with international cuisine leaning towards Italian, Japanese and Oriental specialities. Theatres with breathtaking décor are available to artistes and event organisers to make the audience dream during unforgettable moments.Lately, the Pasino has been continuing with its innovations but this time it has been concentrating on security in the casinos. Cutting edge technology which will guarantee the Pasino’s security against armed robbery. “Smartwater” which is sprayed on every detected intrusion. Impossible to wash off, this water leaves indelible traces for 6 months. The authorities are convinced that this technology is efficient.Being the first to acquire this technology, the Saint Amand Pasino is in first place as regards improving its security system. A drop of a millilitre of water can be chemically identified using a mineral based marker. Every unit sprayed is given an identifier. Guy Sapata, the Lille police superintendent, said “For the first time we have a tool that can link an item of clothing with an event.” This will be an asset for police enquiries, the investigators will have the ability to easily identify the perpetrator of an armed robbery or a crime using this new system. Criminals will be less likely to risk braving such a system.DNA can also be identified with this system. After the success surrounding the efficiency of this system, two companies have installed the same system: the Rosny-2 shopping centre and the Aix-en-Provence casino. The risk of a robbery decreased after the installation of this system. The recent casino armed robbery shocked the employees. Lowering the risk is one step but the employees would prefer that this situation would n’t arise again. Thanks to this new system along with surveillance videos, attempted armed robberies are greatly decreasing because the risk of being caught is quite high. However the cost of installing this new system remains high at 3 500 euros to install the spray system but considering the cash flow in these venues, it’s worth it. This solution can reassure those who visit the venue so they can gamble securely and enjoy the fairytale like atmosphere offered by the Saint Amand Pasino.