Facial Recognition to help some addicted casino playersFacial recognition is popular particularly in Asia. In fact in China, surveillance cameras running  SenseTime facial recognition software transmit in real time onto huge screens, the names of those who crash red lights. Their names remain there until they’ve paid their fine. Facial recognition is also used in airports, to turn on smartphones, to enter a work place and could be very useful in growing sales of a product.

A facial expression clearly shows a client’s satisfaction. Facial recognition is part of our everyday lives and will be even more so in the coming years.  In some casinos, facial recognition is even used to protect those addicted to gambling.

Live Dealers Casino brings you all on facial recognition that is helping players who are addicted to gambling.

Australian casinos use facial recognition

Facial recognition can be used to detect players who are banned from casinos. So players who exclude themselves from casinos can’t enter them. Those who manage to gain entry to the casino can be caught in certain gaming rooms equipped with this cutting edge technology. NEC’s NeoFace has the technology to recognise players,who disguise themselves to enter certain Australian casinos.  Australian law allows compulsive gamblers to ban themselves from casinos.

To do this, they decide on a time limit for this self exclusion and take their own photo. Once the player is in the compulsive gamblers data base, he can’t gain access even if he uses certain tricks like wearing a wig, a false beard or glasses. The facial recognition installed in several Australian casinos works perfectly and addicted gamblers are systematically refused entry.

Main Australian casinos use facial recognition cameras

The Star in Sydney and the Crown in Melbourne are going to use facial recognition cameras either at the entrance to the casino or in certain gaming rooms. The aim is to pick out players addicted to cash games, who have asked to ban themselves. This technology will also make it easier to welcome VIP players. So, as soon as a High Roller is spotted at the casino entrance, the director or one of his employees can welcome him personally and guide him to a blackjack, roulette or baccarat table reserved for High Rollers.

In some Macau casinos, facial recognition systems are used to identify cheaters and players who count cards in blackjack or baccarat. So high tech cameras help fight criminal activity. The problem with this technology is the protection of players’ and clients’ private lives. Casinos and all sectors using facial recognition are facing the problem of people’s private lives.