Pokerstars Live casinoThere is always a good atmosphere in casinos with live dealers no matter which software is used. When a player arrives at an online blackjack, baccarat or roulette table, the dealer greets him using his alias. However when the alias has sexual connotations, the dealers react in various ways. A player had the idea of playing in several live casinos using the alias “Suk_Mike_Hok” and filmed the dealers’ reactions. Although the dealers who greeted the player using this obscene alias quickly realised what was going on, they didn’t all react in the same way.

Different reactions from the live dealers

In almost all online live casinos, the live dealers usually welcome the players but everything depends on how many players log in at the same time. At the time in question, a player created the alias “Suk Mike Hok” and filmed the dealers’ reactions. The first was a female dealer at a Pokerstars blackjack table. She welcomed “Suk_Mike_Hok” and seconds later realised what she had said and burst out laughing. We must say that while announcing such an obscene alias in front of thousands of online players it would be hard to keep a straight face.

In the same online casino but at a Casino Hold’em table this time, the dealer said “Hello Suk_Mike_Hok”, then realised it was an unusual alias and laughed saying “It’s his alias”. In the same way at other live roulette, baccarat and blackjack tables the dealers tried their best to keep straight faces but it wasn’t easy.

Live gaming and dealer weaknesses

It’s not always easy being a dealer in an online casino. Sometimes codes must be mastered for certain tables like Immersive Roulette with its many views. Dealers play to the cameras and need to anticipate which camera is on them. That’s not all though because sometimes with different time zones one can see tired dealers yawning loudly or blowing their nose and even chatting among themselves. We have even seen some exhausted dealers who looked as if they were about to fall asleep on the gaming table. Although this is very rare and at the table in question the female dealer was in a studio in Costa Rica very late at night.

In almost all traditional live casinos the dealers are very convivial and the atmosphere is good. This is true for Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party online blackjack table where the dealer and his assistant deal with everything in an excellent atmosphere.

We’ll let you look at this video from the Daily Star that made us laugh.