Gambling Commission inflicts a heavy fine on 32Red Online CasinoAfter the 888 group, Ladbrokes Coral, William Hill and LeoVegas, now the online casino 32Red is in the sights of the Gambling Commission. In fact 32Red has just been sanctioned by the Gambling Commission and has to pay a £2 million fine. The casino, which is legal in Britain, has failed to check on players who spend a little too much. The fraud department closed its eyes to the huge sums spent by a player and didn’t check where the funds came from.

Live Dealers Casino explains the motives behind this fine which reminds casinos holding an English Gambling Commission licence that they have obligations to fulfill.

Player spends £758 000 in 2 years in 32Red Casino

In a little over 2 years, a 32Red player spent more than £758 000 without the online casino verifying where the funds came from. Moreover, according to the gambling commission, 32Red didn’t do its job of prevention because it’s not normal that a player could spend such amounts in such a short time. One of the requirements for being on the White List of legal online casinos in Britain, is to intervene if a player is addicted to gambling. So 32Red should have blocked the player’s account. This online casino did the exact opposite because the retention service staff encouraged the player to bet even more. So 32Red closed its eyes to this player’s very high bets just  like the other cases of negligence by other online casinos caught out by the Gambling Commission.

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Strong proof against 32Red

The player addicted to online gaming showed signs of addiction 22 times in 32Red. The casino looked the other way and didn’t proceed as the Gambling commission’s charter of good conduct states. 32Red violated the money laundering rules and didn’t verify where this money came from. With a salary of £2 150, it’s quite difficult for a player to spend more than  £45 000 every month. The Kindred group based in Malta has accepted to pay the £2 million fine. It is starting to improve the player account verification process. 32Red, like several online casinos holding a British licence , has received a warning from the Gambling Commission. This warning is a reminder of the law and in the case of the same happening again, the fine could be much higher or even result in the gaming licence simply being revoked.