Lightning Roulette in Stakes CasinoEarly in 2018, Evolution Gaming launched its new roulette table, Lightning Roulette from a studio. The table lives up to its name because it lights up brightly with special effects that are known only to the software. This roulette table is different to others because one can win up to 500 times one’s bet but one has to be very lucky for that to happen. Lightning Roulette is one of the latest innovtions from Evolution Gaming and it’s available in Stakes Casino.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more in this article on Lightning Roulette and you can see it in action in a video.

Win up to 500 times your bet on Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming’s roulette table, Lightning Roulette is situated in a studio. It is hosted by a dealer, the decor includes a wheel, a wall table and what could be called a circuit breaker. A roulette table appears on a virtual screen and the dealer activates a sort of circuit breaker to randomly stop the numbers showing a multiplier and with this it’s possible to win the equivalent of one’s bet. So, for example, if the multiplier shows 500 on number 14 and this number comes up, the player will win 500 times his bet. Software picks out in a random manner, the number of multiplier numbers from 1 to 5. The following are the multipliers: x50, x100, x200, x300, x400, x500.  All betting combinations (diagonal, column, dozen, square or six etc) are possible at this roulette table. On the other hand, on Lightning Roulette, only full bets allow one to win from 50 to 500 times one’s bet through the multiplier.

This is how a game takes place on Lightning Roulette:

  • The player places his chips on any numbers he wishes.
  • The dealer activates the circuit breaker which displays randomly the numbers with a multiplier.
  • The wheel spins and stops on one of the numbers
  • If the ball stops on a number with a multiplier, the player wins from 50 to 500 times his bet!

With a lot of luck one can win big with this game. Firstly the player needs to bet on numbers with a multiplier and the ball must stop on this number so to win big one needs to be doubly lucky. Several players have won large sums of money at this new generation online roulette table.

Find Lightning Roulette in Stakes Casino

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