Casino Floor Roulette : innovative live roulette from Authentic GamingWe have had the opportunity to talk about the developer Authentic Gaming’s online roulette tables many times. Whether it’s from the Saint-Vincent Casino, the Platinum Casino Bucharest or the International Casino Batumi, we have published many articles about them. This time we’d like to deal with the live roulette table known as Casino Floor Roulette. Behind this name there is a roulette table that is half -studio and half-real casino. Casino Floor Roulette is an authentic roulette table situated in a real land based casino but only accessible to online players. The clients actually present in the casino can’t play it.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more about this innovation from Authentic Gaming.

Casino Floor Roulette: A roulette table for online players live from a real casino

Usually, gaming tables live from studios are situated in the gaming developer’s building and so online players play under the same conditions as in an actual casino. The decor is certainly different  to that in real casinos but the way of playing is similar. Authentic Gaming is a pioneer in roulette tables streamed from real casinos. This time it combines the advantages of real casinos and games from studios and the launch of this new generation online roulette table, Casino Floor Roulette, has come from this. Only online players can access this table filmed in real time from the International Casino Batumi in Georgia. On the other hand, players present in the casino can’t access it but they can play at the International Casino’s Authentic Roulette or Turbo Roulette tables.

Casino Floor  Roulette isn’t in a gaming area that is accessible by the clients. It’s installed in a room separated by a curtain through which one can see the clients, gaming tables and the dealers in the background.

An online roulette table with many advantages

Authentic Gaming’s live roulette tables are excellent because one can play at them under the same conditions as in land based casinos. One places one’s chips at the same time as the players who are physically present just as if one was actually present in the casino. The main inconvenience is the delay between two games. The dealers have to change the notes into chips, watch the table to avoid any fraud, and also pay out players’ winnings. Several minutes can go by between two roulette games. In Casino Floor Roulette, the games take place much more rapidly because the clients aren’t allowed to play. So given that everything is automated, the games are as quick as those in a studio with the exception of Speed Roulette which is really more rapid than the others.

Several HD cameras are placed in front of the dealer or trained on the roulette wheel, so one can see the game in real time. Authentic Gaming’s technology is perfect and confirms its position as leader in this sector. If you haven’t already tried this roulette table version 2.0, now is the time to discover it by clicking on the button below!