The re-opening of the file concerning the creation of a casino in Vannes has opened discussions among casino owners, the authorities and other neighbouring casinos which have dreaded this project for a long time. Following the decision of the mayor, David Robo, on the resumption of the case, the casino owners are carrying out their own studies on the profitability of the project and on the impact concerning the turnover of other casinos. There will be a rush to keep each one’s own market share. Laurent Lassiaz, chairman of the Joa group has announced that if this project goes ahead it will have a major impact on the Arzon casino.The Mayor of Arzon doesn’t seem to be too worried going by his question “Will there be deaths?”. In reality almost half of the players in the Arzon casino are from Vannes and it is very likely that these will return to Vannes if the casino is built. Even with an increase in turnover since last year, the Arzon casino will be in difficulty if this project goes ahead.

On the other hand, the mayor, David Robo is very enthusiastic about this project. He is hoping to have various activities in the casino with gaming rooms, restaurants and theatres. All of this with a particular requirement: high quality facilities. It’s a decision taken above all to favour the situation of the municipality of Vannes because of changes in the financial situation. It’s also to attract investors to the municipality.

The municipality of Arzon is worried, if the project goes ahead will the Joa group stay or will it leave? The worst id to come since in 2018 the public service delegation will end, Joacasino hasn’t guaranteed that it will stay and it’s this that is causing the mayor of Arzon to doubt. In any case, the decision is still up to the Interior Ministry which grants authorisations for gaming and casinos. It’s only at this time that applications to become an operator are made. Each casino owner is watching the scope of this new market. The competitors that can be identified for the moment are Joa and the SBEC (Breton Society for the Operation of Casinos). Analysis by some financial experts show that the market isn’t extendable since the market is divided between the casinos and one’s losses will just be another’s gain. It’s the same pie that is being shared with a new casino.

The choice of an operator will be made on the 14th of December and the financial experts are waiting to know which group will be chosen. This casino will be situated in the centre of the Gulf Park right beside the Mercure Hotel and not far from the harbour station and the exhibition park. A venue in the centre of the town which will attract a maximum number of clients. The mayor of Vannes is predicting the arrival of foreign visitors and tourists as well as gamblers from al over the world. The latter will be able to benefit greatly from the leisure activities offered by the project.