Endemol invests 13 million dollars in PlumbeeFor some years now social casino gaming has been one of the most popular markets in the online gaming sector. Plumbee, a recent start up is among the most innovative on the market. Now Endemol has just announced that it is investing in the start up to the tune of 13 million dollars an action which, according to the Dutch group, is going to greatly increase its growth worldwide.Endemol is a Dutch television production group which is very well known globally. Since it was founded the group has produced various digital games and television programmes such as “Pointless”, “Deal or No deal” and the reality television show “Loft Story”. Now it wants to become involved in social games and has chosen the famous start up, Plumbee as its partner. Endemol believes in social casino gaming. Social games are defined as all sorts of online games which are played on social networks including “Facebook”.
What is unusual about these games is that they look as if they are played by multiple players but this isn’t actually the case. Since one plays on a social network, the games take on the aspect of being multi player. Usually social games are free. However there are several “paying” options which aren’t really too expensive but which in general bring in considerable revenue for their developers. These “options” can allow a player to win millions of benefits every day. The secret is to buy “options”. For a few years now these social games have become social casino games. It was fairly obvious that land based casino operators would see a great opportunity in them especially including the practical side of smartphones and mobile applications. Casino game applications then began to appear such as Big fish Casino and Double Down Casino.As for Plumbee, it was founded in 2011. It was among the most recent on the market. A “TV programmes/ social games” alliance is what it is about to set up with Endemol. Its chief executive has announced that Endemol will be a strategic shareholder for Plumbee which will allow it to become known internationally. The objective is to beat the competition in the global market by creating innovative and attractive games.
The French investor IDInvest financed Plumbee’s creation. The start up produces social games mixed with real money games. At the moment about 250 000 players log onto Facebook to play “Mirrorbal Slots” or “Bonza Casino”. As regards Endemol, the group is among those television production companies hit by the recession. In reality, traditional clients as well as broadcasters of the programmes produced by these companies are tending to greatly reduce their investments. So for Endemol the partnership with Plumbee is a very good alternative way to get out of this impasse.