Dealer in live roulette fairway CasinoAfter slot machines, roulette is the most popular game for French gaming fans. But for a few years, in particular since online gaming was legalised, one doesn’t need to go to a French land based casino to try one’s luck. In fact, the player can fulfil his passion for gaming in his own home in just a few clicks. In this way he has the impression of being in a real gaming room in an actual casino.

This is even truer since Fairway Casino had the ingenious idea of recreating on its online gaming site the exact atmosphere of actual casinos. One doesn’t need to download the software but on the other hand one needs to fill in a short form and it only takes a few minutes. Once this is done, the player is in front of a flesh and blood female dealer ( not a virtual one!) who organises the game just like in a land based casino. In front of his screen, the player must follow the game (live roulette) and put his chips on his chosen numbers while betting whatever he wishes. Several webcams installed by Fairway casino allow the player to play in real time. In this way he experiences all the emotions one has in a casino and the speed of the platform makes one forget that he is sitting in front of a computer screen.

He can see the ball moving live and land on a number. Playing live roulette, the player benefits from many advantages since if he wishes he can smoke while playing which is forbidden in French land based casinos because these are public places. He can also play at any time which is not always the case in land based casinos. Not forgetting that the payouts take place discreetly and rapidly.

Fairway Casino is aimed at all social classes who can place bets of any amount without anyone watching. This allows those on a budget to have an enjoyable time betting modest amounts without feeling embarrassed and major players can bet high amounts without attracting attention.