Taj Mahal Casino got an online gambling licenceRevenue in Atlantic City’s land based casinos is up this April when compared to the same month last year. At the same time, income in Atlantic city’s online casinos showed a decrease for the first time since online gambling became legal in November 2013. However, behind the figures there are explanations put forward for the rise or decrease.For the past few years most of Atlantic City’s land based casinos have been losing clients and income has been down overall. Some blamed this on the move by players from traditional real casinos on the Boardwalk to online casinos and also on the fact that more states have legalised casinos and so players have been attracted to these newer casinos. This year’s 3.3 per cent rise in gambling income in April includes revenue from online casinos and this was not the case last April. The rise in revenue also includes income from the now closed Atlantic Club Casino that was bought by Caesars Entertainment and then closed down by the company in January 2014 so disregarding these sources, actual revenue in Atlantic City’s casinos was down by just under 2 percent.Now that one of its land based casinos has closed, there are 11 casinos remaining in Atlantic City and of these, six showed increases in revenue in April ranging from 6.4 per cent up to 55 percent. The casinos which posted rises in income are The Tropicana, Caesars Atlantic City, The Borgata, Revel, The Golden Nugget and Resorts Atlantic City. The city’s remaining five land based casinos made losses ranging from a 26 percent reduction in April to a 12 per cent loss of income.Online casinos became legal for operation only within the state of New Jersey towards the end of November last year. A stipulation was that any online casino operator wishing to offer its services in New Jersey had to form a partnership with one of the seven Atlantic City land based casinos that were granted online gambling licences. These land based casinos are : Trump Plaza, Caesars, The Borgata, The Taj Mahal, The Tropicana, Ballys and the Golden Nugget. The lower online casino revenue for April of this year is down by half a million dollars when compared to that of March this year.