Macau Casinos Player BlacklistOver the past few years, Macau has become the leading destination for gaming enthusiasts, taking the title from Las Vegas which hadn’t lost its crown up to then. Millions of visitors go to this ex-Portuguese colony which is now in first place for cash games. VIP players make up the majority of players who leave veritable fortunes there. It seems however that these businessmen aren’t all such good payers. In fact some of them have been taken to court because they didn’t honour their often massive debts. However this procedure is long and costly and this is the reason why the gaming operators based in Macau wanted to put a different system in place: a blacklist. This list was published recently and has already caused controversy.

It has the names of indebted players and also their photos and their personal details. It is for these that Macau is being singled out. How should such an initiative be taken? Aren’t casinos supposed to protect their player’s personal details? The Macau police is now carrying out an investigation into the site in question which is based in Singapore. Besides revealing all this information, the site offers rewards of up to $30 000 to any person providing information leading to finding these wanted people.

Since this list was published several players have hurriedly settled their debts in order to have their names removed. Most of them are rich businessmen who have left huge debts and such publicity would be very detrimental to them. In contrast to some countries where casinos are not allowed to give their clients credit, Macau allows its players to borrow money from them. The investigation which is under way will get a lot of publicity because the site being investigated should never have released the players’ personal details. Macau will surely put everything in place to finalise this affair as quickly as possible so as not to tarnish its much sought after image.