First Person Dream Catcher is the RNG's Dream Catcher versionLightning Roulette and Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune are among the flagship casino games of Evolution Gaming. The latter launched in mid-July 2019 two new games: First Person Lightning Roulette and First Person Dream Catcher. These are games in RNG (Random Number Generator) that is to say that a software acts as a dealer.

The game is faster and the gamblers   move from one game to another without losing time. However, in terms of entertainment, it is much more monotonous than live dealer games. Evolution Gaming diversifies its activity and remains the most innovative software of its generation. It is not by chance that it is the best software with live dealers!

Switch from RNG mode to live mode in one click

Evolution Gaming has launched this month two new games in RNG that are part of the top 5 live games: First Person Lightning Roulette and First Person Dream Catcher. These games are powered by a software that acts as a dealer. The gambler stands in front of a Wheel of Fortune similar to a live one. The setting is the same as the live version.

However, with First Person Dream Catcher there is no need for a dealer since everything is automatic. It gives the timing of games since it triggers the wheel which stops randomly. Thus, games are much faster than on live version. One button allows you to bet on all combinations and another one to double bets. Finally, at the touch of the button “Go Live”, the gambler is on   live version of Dream Catcher.

Elected digital product of the year at the Global Gaming Awards at G2E Las Vegas 2017, Dream Catcher still has a bright future ahead. As for First Person Lightning Roulette, the principle is exactly the same. The live roulette is in RNG and the gambler can at any time switch to live version of this roulette filmed in a studio. As for the rules on RNG and live versions, they are exactly the same. The only difference between these two versions is that the gambler plays either in front of a software or in front of real dealer. The game progress is also an advantage for gamblers in a hurry.

Live-Dealers’ Casino review on First Person Lightning Roulette and First Person Dream Catcher

We have tested First Person Dream Catcher on Lucky31. Honestly speaking, we have some trouble with these RNG softwares which act as dealers. Indeed, we prefer gambling live than relying on a software. Definitely, the gambler masters the game on First Person Dream Catcher ‘s RNG version since it is he who decides when to throw the wheel.

Another important feature:  games are faster. Definitely. But isn’t it better to gamble live in front of a dealer even if games are slower? We didn’t have the chance to try the First Person Lightning Roulette because it is not yet available on Lucky31. We believe our reviews are also valid on this live roulette.

For us, the choice is clear between gambling on RNG or live. Why should we trust a software if it is possible to gamble under the same conditions as a land-based casino with a live dealer?
Definitely, Evolution Gaming puts on the table several types of live games and launches RNG games. Hopefully, the trend will remain with live games and will not gradually slide to games based on Random Number Generators. Stay tuned!