Codeta one of the best live casinoRemember when a visit to the casino meant dressing in all your finery and testing your wits and nerve in a classy environment?

These days, the rise of the online casino has seen a trend towards flashy graphics and noisy slots with all the bells and whistles that make it seem more like a trip to the funfair.

So if strobing lights and incessant digital pop just isn’t your scene, and you still long for the classy casino experience, then give thanks for Codeta – an online gaming space that brings back that high-roller-in-high-society feel.

Real games, played for real

Through painstaking research, the clever folks at Codeta have created an online casino that focuses on the skill and thrill of the live table game.

Authentic and exciting, the emphasis is on what may well be considered ‘real’ casino play – it’s not about chucking coins or credits into a slot and hoping for a windfall. It’s an opportunity to learn and develop the skills required for live roulette, blackjack, or poker.

Most importantly, it is a chance to enjoy and win big in these games of analytical prowess.

Anyone can line up some digital lemons while using up their free spins but it takes experience and a cool head to calculate the chances of filling that inside straight and going all-in while short-stacked. Codeta is just the place for that kind of punter. Sure, there are slots aplenty there too, if that’s your bag, but it is with the live table games where this casino excels above all others.

Variety is the spice of live

Codeta offers a live table game to suit players of any experience and budget. You can play for the big payday on the €250 blackjack tables or hone your skills while only staking €5 on your chances of hitting twenty-one.

The Double Exposure version is a solid casino favourite and is perfect for newcomers to the game. Every particular taste in this adrenaline-pumping game is catered to. Similarly, the roulette tables offer all varieties of the game you’ve ever dreamed of playing and I never knew there were so many ways to play poker. From Carribean Stud to Three Card and the classic Hold’em, Codeta lets you experience the beautiful game as it should be – live, and thrilling. Next up, dice games.

Factor in the unbelievable offer of a potential €5000 in top-up or cash back in only your first week of play at Codeta and it seems there is no competition. Take that, purveyors of Free Spins!

While the casino experience is as genuine as possible, Codeta is online, so as you enjoy that classic casino feeling, there’s no need to get dressed up – you can leave the tux or cocktail dress in the wardrobe and just get straight to the table.