Live Baccarat Jackpot Game by Playtech and FashionTVLive gaming giant Playtech and FashionTV Gaming have launched a new, branded live baccarat game.

The game is branded by FashionTV, which also owns the popular cable network FashionTV, and brings back the famous Dragon Jackpots.

It’s a glamorous, stylish live baccarat game with extra jackpots up for grabs.

How Live Baccarat Jackpot Works

  • The game takes place in a stylish studio with FashionTV branding. The table is a deep red velvet and there’s constant catwalk footage streaming in the background.
  • Things kick off with a frontal view of the dealer and the table. Players can bet on Player, Banker, or Tie as usual, but can also wager on the total of the cards of the winning hand as well as several side bets such as Perfect Pairs.
  • The dealer will deal the cards. When the betting window closes, she’ll turn over the Player and Banker hands and will take any further action necessary such as dealing more cards.
  • The camera angle will change to show the cards from above as the showdown occurs. Any payouts and deductions will be made automatically.

The biggest attractions of this game are the cool FashionTV footage in the background and the extra dragon jackpots (there are four) which can be won randomly on any hand. You can see the values of these in the top right corner; the Green, Blue, and Red jackpots are large enough, but the really big money is held in the Golden Jackpot.

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Playtech keeps innovating and pushing the industry forward

Playtech is neck and neck with Evolution when it comes to live casino gaming. The two keep each other on their toes, constantly innovating and creating new and novel liv casino games for players.

The CEO of Playtech’s Romania Live Studio, Ariel Hayat, had this to say about the partnership:

“We are very excited to partner with FashionTV Gaming Group to bring the FashionTV brand to the Live Casino market. “Securing leading brands like this is a key pillar of our content strategy as we look to deliver the most engaging gambling entertainment experience in the market.”

Indeed, the FashionTV brand is a prestigious one with the ability to attract any of its millions of regular viewers to try this live baccarat game. With the Dragon Jackpots and the extra side bets making it a potentially high-paying game on any hand, we’re sure this game will be a huge hit with players.