The history of the little municipality of Vannes has never been in such upheaval. A Golfe du Morbihan port in the Brittany region of France, this municipality is a very well known tourist destination and definitely open to different entertainment such as casinos. The construction of a casino was planned for 2015, a construction which is going to cause conflict between the Vannes leftist party and the municipality’s mayor.On the 14th of December 2012 the plan to build a casino in the municipality of Vannes, to be situated in the Gulf Park, was approved. Voted on by the municipal council in February 2012, the creation of this casino would benefit the people of Vannes because according to the mayor it would create jobs for the town’s inhabitants. The last meeting on the project was held on the 14th of December at which the agent was chosen after certain decisions that displeased the Vannes leftist party represented by Nicolas Le Quintrec. According to the latter the construction of a casino in the town would be illegal. The construction of a casino would certainly bring about several changes. A casino would have among other things gaming table and slot machine rooms and also an area for bars. The casino with all that it involves would be built with the diorren leisure park which apparently is part of a zone protected from new drinking establishments. The casino would not fulfil the 200m distance required by the law. Besides, the local area is fighting against alcohol consumption and the proximity of the casino to the diorren leisure park would go against this battle. For Nicolas Le Quintrec the only thing to do was to demand the repeal of the December 14th decision.

The mayor, David Robo had an entirely different view of the situation. In contrast to Nicolas Le Quintrec, he saw the project as being beneficial to the whole population of Vannes. He counter attacked the repeal sought by the left wing of the municipality. In his reply, the mayor believed that Nicolas Le Quintrec had just put together different laws to come to the conclusion that the construction would be illegal. For the mayor, the casino will contribute more to the municipality’s economy because it will generate 70 jobs and the commune will have about a million euros in fees every year for 20 years. By refusing such a project the Vannes leftist party will hinder the town of Vannes economic development which will go against the government’s aim of increasing the local authority’s lowest salaries.

No matter what, the decision taken by the municipal council wasn’t appealed. The casino will open in 2015. The SBEC ( The Breton Management Society for Casinos) will run the casino. Ten annual shows, national and international, are planned by the SBEC. The casino will have a restaurant and other interesting attractions and entertainment for the clients.