Funky Time By Evolution SoftwareBig wheels full of prizes are exciting, especially when they come with a live dealer and big multipliers.

Some of the best TV Show games come from Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live, who have a range of stunning games.

But none of them are as disco as the brilliant Funky Time, which we’ll enjoy on Betiton today.

Get Funky with 10,000X Multiplier

Welcome to Funky Time, a stunning TV Casino Game with four bonus games and a chance to win huge prizes.

Your live host will take you on a disco themed ride with a 64-segment wheel, filled with a variety of letters, the number 1, and bonus games.

Where the flapper stops determines the prize you get, anything from 1X all the way up to 10,000X your wager.

Placing bets in this luck-based casino game is easy, all you need to do is drop a chip where you think the flapper will land. You can place multiple bets, of different amounts on as many letters or bonus games as you want.

To be in a bonus game you must wager on it, and that’s your shot at bigger prizes.

Best of all, the whole wheel has its own multipliers, so you could win something extra on every spin. These multipliers also stack in the bonus games, adding even bigger prizes. Mix this up with the four different special bonus rounds that add multipliers and you get a thrilling game.

All of this action is brought to you with a brilliant and funky 70’s disco vibe, from the hosts to the soundtrack you’re off into an iconic era of music.

The gameplay is exciting, the design is awesome and it’s a high-quality luck-based game that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Funky Time Bonus Games

This is where you can really hit the big time when you play on Betiton, as Funky Time comes with four different bonus games. Each of these will give you multipliers on top of your wins, up to a maximum of $50,000!

First, you’ll hit the Bar, where the robot bartender will give you 3 glasses to choose from, pick one and watch as he pours out multipliers and adds mixers giving you a total multiplier at the end. Then you can hit the Stayin’ Alive game. This is a bingo style game where you pick a colour and climb up the multiplier ladder until you draw a black ball, the higher you go the bigger the prize.

Then there’s the Disco and VIP Disco, this is where the bonuses can really stack up. You’ll be transported to a flashing dancefloor, where Mr Funky will strut his stuff collecting multipliers until he falls off the floor. Every square he hits has a bonus, and they keep on adding up.

You can enjoy this thrilling online casino, just jump over to Betiton and play. With its big multipliers, amazing theme and stunning high-quality there is a lot of fun to be had in Funky Time.