Apple WatchThe new watch from Apple is causing great interest among developers of online gambling apps. Many internet gambling operators are in talks with Apple to allow their clients to gamble using the new Apple watch. The watch is due to be on sale from this week and many have pre-ordered it..

Innovation from Apple

The Apple watch has a small screen that is activated by raising one’s wrist. Even though the screen may be small compared to that on a mobile phone, the Apple watch has many innovative functions that make using it simple and these lend themselves to using online gambling apps. The watch is linked to the owner’s iPhone so it has similar features in a much smaller device. The button on the side of the watch is used to give access to other functions and the wearer can also touch and tap the screen to navigate. With the growth in mobile gambling, the Apple watch presents an interesting area for development by online casino and betting operators.

Ladbrokes to offer a betting app

Ladbrokes, one of the leading United Kingdom betting operators has developed an Apple Watch app. The Australian section of Ladbrokes recently said that it believes it is the first online betting operator to have been granted approval by Apple for the company’s betting app. A Ladbrokes Australia spokesman explained that their clients will be able to place their bets from their wrist as the Apple Watch links up with Ladbroke’s main betting app.

Apple very strict with gambling apps

Two years ago, Apple issued its Review of App Store Guidelines. This review included new rules for children’s ability to access apps and also had new regulations governing gambling apps. Apple stated that apps offering real money gambling must be free of charge to download. The online gambling apps are not permitted to offer players the opportunity to acquire credit or money from within the app to be used for gambling. The review also makes it clear that any apps offering real money gambling including casino games, poker and sports betting need to be licensed and permitted for use in the region within which they are used.
So far prior to its launch Apple has listed 37 apps for the Apple Watch on its website. There are only three gaming apps so far on this list but with companies such as Ladbrokes already releasing information about its Apple Watch app no doubt other online gambling operators will make announcements once the watch is on the market.