Baccarat Squeeze VS Baccarat Control SqueezeHave you ever wondered about the differences between Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Control Squeeze? Well, this article is here to help!

We’ll reveal exactly what these two Evolution live casino products bring to the party, as we discuss the characteristics of each. 

What is Baccarat Squeeze?

Baccarat Squeeze is an interesting concept pioneered by the creative minds at Evolution. Many baccarat players like the dealer to drag out the card reveal, to create an additional air of tension. Part of the thrill for such players is this suspense. 

But when playing at an online casino, there was no way to replicate this. Until Evolution came along, that is. The talented Baccarat Squeeze live dealers are under instructions to reveal certain cards in a very particular fashion. They pinch the cards, teasing just a part of it to the camera, before eventually revealing the entire face.

Of course, the standard baccarat game rules still apply. The game has an RTP of 98.94% and plenty of side bets are offered. But the game’s main appeal is the unusual squeezing of the playing cards.

What About Baccarat Control Squeeze?

So what exactly is Baccarat Control Squeeze, then? Having addressed the demand for a more suspenseful way of playing, Evolution realised that other baccarat fans also have their own preferences. And it transpires there’s a large group of players who enjoy revealing the card at their own pace.

As the name suggests, Baccarat Control Squeeze gives you total control over the process. Thanks to the “Peel to Reveal” feature, you can discover the value of the hidden cards at your convenience. So perhaps you do enjoy the additional tension of a squeeze, but you want it to last even longer. Or maybe you’d prefer it to be quicker. Either way, this is the game for you.

Aside from this unique feature, the rules and payouts for Baccarat Control Squeeze are standard. It also offers an RTP of 98.94%, while the usual high definition cameras and chatty live dealers are all in place.

Baccarat Squeeze vs. Baccarat Control Squeeze Compared

In truth, there’s not a great deal of difference between these two games from the industry’s best live casino game supplier. Evolution is simply giving players the highest possible level of control over their baccarat gaming experience. 

Both games employ charming and friendly dealers, who chat to you as you bet, distribute cards and announce the results. Six side bets are available in both titles, including Perfect Pair. While the RTP of 98.94% is also identical, with payouts fixed as follows:

  • Player: 1 to 1;
  • Banker: 0.95 to 1;
  • Tie: 8 to 1.

The only difference between the two titles is the way in which the cards are revealed. This allows you to determine how much, or how little tension you wish to endure.

Play Baccarat Squeeze and Control Squeeze

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