High Roller Players can play roulette in a suite of the Hotel de Paris Monte CarloCasino owners try everything to attract high roller players, sending a private jet, a free luxury suite, tickets for Formula 1 Grand Prix and many other things. Casino managers know how to do anything to encourage rich players to come to their gaming tables. Monaco’s casinos are expert at this.

This is true for the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo. In this Monaco hotel-casino, rich players can play casino games in the “Monte Carlo” suite. However, to stay in this royal suite, you’d need a well filled purse.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more on this unusual hotel room that’s not available to everyone.

Million euro deposit for the room

The Monaco Hotel de Paris “Monte Carlo “ suite is reserved for high roller players. In order to have the pleasure of staying there, players have to pay a million euro deposit. It goes without saying that not everyone would be able to pay such a deposit. Only millionaires and billionaires would be able to fulfill this dream. Occasionally, the casino will rent this room to a regular high roller player without asking for the million euro deposit. Once the room is booked, 12 staff are assigned to it. A VIP service involving a supervisor, a dealer, security agents and room staff. Players who book this room can play roulette and punto banco, which are the most popular games among VIP players.

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Breathtaking roulette and baccarat games

The luxurious “Monte Carlo” room was opened in January 2019. The Hotel de Paris Monaco has only had it reserved 5 times. This figure may appear to be relatively low but when one takes into account that players can bet 200 000 euros in one go, so the casino might hit the jackpot. Not all casinos can offer VIP tables at this level. In fact the casinos need to have huge reserves in case players win. The director of the Hotel de Paris Monaco casino, Pascal Camia states that several times the casino has had to pay out 1.5 million euros for one win. We’ll leave it up to you to work out the amount bet by the high roller player to win such an amount in one go!

Not all casinos are in a position to offer such services to rich players, who are American, English or Asian. Casinos need to adapt their offers, the decor, the menus and staff depending on the players.

Online casinos with their live dealer roulette tables welcome many high roller players. Not sure if bets from players in the  Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo would be accepted at the tables that are streamed live from land based casinos.