Giant Roulette at Monte-Carlo Casino’s AtriumSometimes, it happens to find on the streets life-sized chess games on which the players move the pieces carrying the Tower, the Pawn, the Fool, the Rider, the Queen or the King. Monte-Carlo Casino in Monaco did the same with a giant roulette table. Indeed, since June 20 until September 17, 2019,  Monte-Carlo Casino’s Atrium has become a giant roulette table.

Visitors can stroll through the lobby of the casino’s Atrium   and play on the green carpet of this roulette table. What better than to trample the boxes of the roulette either numbers or combinations such as Even, Odd, Pass, Miss, Black or Red.

Monte-Carlo Casino’s Bold Game: Life Sized Roulette wheel

Those who spend their holidays in the south of France must make a detour to   Monte-Carlo Casino. Indeed, until the end of September, its Atrium has turned into a huge roulette wheel. Monte-Carlo Casino has installed a life-sized roulette with chips with the size of a car wheel. Visitors can move the chips and take selfies over a roulette table in a luxurious setting particular to Monaco casinos. Casino games are normally forbidden to minors, except this roulette. Thus, from 9 am, adults and children can push the doors of Monte-Carlo Casino’s Atrium and discover  this Gulliver’s roulette table versions.

While strolling  on this game, visitors feel shrinked  compared to the size of the wheel and the cylinder. In addition, this roulette table is void of dealers. Anyone can play on this friendly game by moving the chips on the roulette’s combinations such as cross, horseback, sixain, square or the simple bets.

Roulette, casinos’  favorite  game  for events

Roulette is often put forward by  casinos to make it an event. For example, in the summer of 2017,  Partouche Casino in la Grande-Motte launched the world’s largest 50 meter high roulette with a 100 square meter wheel. We reassure you, Monte-Carlo Casino’s roulette does not have the dimensions of  la Grande-Motte  Casino which  had taken up residence on the beach.

Thus, a wheel had served as the cylinder of the roulette. Even the Lebanon Casino wanted to show off and entered the Guinness Book with its roulette embedded on the ceiling. With a 8.75 meters diameter and perched over 13 meters, the Lebanon Casino roulette is located in Jounieh, 22 kilometers north of Beirut. It is a true work of art.

Roulette is the world’s  most requested  game  except in Asian countries. Indeed, in Macau or Singapore casinos, Baccarat is favored by players. Casinos like to promote events to impress visitors and, at the same time, make media buzz.