Both Paypal and Paysafe provide instant payment processing

PokerStars Casino is a leading online casino site. As such, it needs to offer a diverse number of payment options to please every potential client. To complicate matters even more, the company operates across the globe, and has to make deposits and withdrawals possible within the parameters and technicalities of different countries.

PokerStars have recently partnered with Paysafe in order to offer yet another payment processing option for players.

PokerStars Rolls Out Paysafe Rapid Transfer

PokerStars have recently partnered with Paysafe, and will provide an additional way for players to make a deposit using their Rapid Transfer tool. This is now available in 10 European countries.

Rapid Transfer is just one of the many financial tools and payment processing options offered by the Paysafe group. Rapid Transfer enables players at PokerStars, including the poker site, PokerStars Casino and BetStars, to make deposits using their existing bank details.The system has been hailed as being user-friendly, as players don’t have to leave the PokerStars site and can use their own bank details.

Players are then sent instant confirmation that the payment has been confirmed and processed.

The recent addition of Rapid Transfer only serves to strengthen the existing partnership between the two companies. Around one month ago, PokerStars partnered with Paysafe and used their Income Access Software for their affiliate program.Paysafe was announced as payment processor of the year at the recent American Gambling Awards, and so the partnership seems like it will be lucrative for both sides.

PokerStars Casino will have an extra payment option made available, while Paysafe will have more players using its service.

Difference Between Paypal and Paysafe

In short, Paysafe is a competitor to Paypal. Paysafe has always been more of a niche product, traditionally very popular for processing gambling payments, as well as other services such as dating and messenger sites.

Paysafe has recently taken more of the market share, and now stands as a direct rival to Paypal within a wider context. Paypal is still king. The company was ranked 222 on the Fortune 500 list in 2018, and made $13 billion in revenue.

Paysafe is an umbrella for a number of different payment processing tools, each with a distinct use or purpose. For example, Neteller is a digital wallet usually used for payments to friends or small businesses, while Paysafe card is a pre-loaded card for quick online payments.
The Rapid Transfer tool pretty much functions in the same way as Paypal, at least for the end user. It is linked directly to your bank account, and in the case of PokerStars Casino can be used to instantly deposit money on the site.

Payment Methods Available On PokerStars Casino

The exact payment methods offered on PokerStars Casino depends on the country that you reside in. There are different options for different countries, but the list is usually very extensive.

For example, in the UK players can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, local bank and bank wire transfers, the Paysafe card, with mobile and more. PokerStars Casino also offers Skrill and Neteller, both of which are payment solutions from the Paysafe company. The Paysafe Rapid Transfer has now been added to that list of payment options.

Research for Paysafe showed that 26% of businesses that participated in the study thought that a lack of payment options was one of the main reasons why their potential customers bounced.

With so many ways to make a deposit across the PokerStars platforms, there’s sure to be a way to suit every player.

PokerStars Casino offer a huge range of online casino and live dealer casino gamers, including roulette from top developers, blackjack, baccarat, casino poker variations, slots and progressive jackpot slots.

They offer welcome and sign-up bonuses and VIP schemes to attract players and reward loyalty, as well as regular offers for all players. With Paysafe Rapid Transfer, players now have one more way to make a deposit on the site and play the games.