Wheel of Fortune Double Gold Spin slot machineIn an online dictionary, luck is defined as: “Possibility, probability that something (especially a happy event) will happen.” This was a perfect definition for a player who went to the Borgota Casino Atlantic City and who bet just $10 and won the progressive jackpot. Just one note with which she won (are you sitting down?) $2,481,940.75. On Saturday the 1st of September, the player went to the Borgota Casino at 15.00. She sat at the Wheel of Fortune Double Gold Spin slot machine and won a huge amount worthy of jackpots that are generally found in online slot machines.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more on this rare stroke of luck.

Winning more than 2.4 million with just $10

One only has to walk through casinos to see that 99.9% of slot machine players play several games. It’s rare to win a decent amount on a first try and it’s even rarer for a player to put $10 in the slot and to win the jackpot! What a surprise it must have been to see her bank account explode by 2.4 million dollars thanks to just a $10 note. This is extremely rare. Several players have of course won jackpots after a few spins but on a first spin, it’s rare.

The New Jersey casino was very happy to announce the good news on the Borgota Casino Atlantic City Facebook page. The local and national newspapers reported on this massive stroke of luck and at the same time gave the casino great publicity.

Progressive jackpots in the leading online casinos

There was a happy winner at the Borgota Casino’s Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin slot machine. She decided to remain anonymous and it’s easy to understand her decision. This progressive slot machine’s jackpot is added to by a percentage of players’ bets. The more players who bet on the linked slot machines, the more the jackpot increases.

Players win larger amounts online. This can be explained by the hundreds of online casinos who promote the leading software such as Netent and Microgaming. Microgaming’s slot machines are known for progressive slot machines such as Mega Moolah, Major Millions, CashAlot, FruitFiesta and more. It’s not rare for an online player to win a jackpot directly on his mobile. Now, HTML5 technology allows players bet on progressive jackpots or  at live dealer tables. With technological developments one can play on compatible smartphones either iOS or Android. The slot machines’ and tables’ ergonomics are optimised to guarantee entertainment. This was seen recently with Authentic Gaming’s Hydra Mobile technology for its roulette tables live from its 5 land based casinos.