Netent's Mega Fortune Jackpot won once againWhen luck strikes, it can strike anywhere and at any point. This happened to a 27 year old Swedish man who opened an account in the online casino While enjoying his holidays, this player was playing slot machines and in particular the Mega Fortune slot machine, the Netent group’s leading progressive jackpot. Just three hours after opening his account, this Swedish man won 6.7 million euros. A great amount to fulfill several dreams and above all to prolong his holidays.

Live Dealers Casino brings you the story of this occasional player who succeeded in winning Netent’s Mega Fortune progressive jackpot.

Mega Fortune Jackpot benefits from the Mega Millions promotion

A 27 year old Swedish player was playing in the online casino Far from being used to this virtual casino, he had opened his account just three hours before winning the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot. The rollers stopped on three bonuses so the player was able to activate a sort of lucky Wheel of Fortune which allowed him to win the jackpot. The aim was to reach the central point of the wheel which means that the jackpot is won. To reach this target, one must pass through three stages thanks to a system of arrows permitting entry to the next higher stage (see the video below). The amount of the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot shown on the counter was 61,415,649 SEK or €5,984,456. The Swedish man won this amount on this Netent slot machine. This isn’t all because the Swedish developer had launched the Mega Millions promotion which meant the winner received 650 000 euros in addition to the jackpot.

The player benefitted from the campaign launched by Netent to win more than 6.7 million euros thanks to this slot machine.

Netent’s progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are made up of a pot which has a small percentage of online players’ bets added to it. So the more the game is accessible in several online casinos, the more probability there is for the pot to increase. The amount of the pot depends on a number of factors such as the number of players betting on this progressive jackpot or the amount of the bets placed. The more a slot machine is available in several online casinos, the more popular it is and so the higher the amount of the jackpot. This is true for Netent’s Mega Fortune and also for Micro Gaming’s Mega Moolah and Major Millions.

Progressive jackpots like that just won by this Swedish man are organised by the gaming developer. So Netent has to pay out more than 6.7 million euros to this lucky player. The progressive jackpot also gives some free publicity. Many papers have been written about this subject (and we are adding to it here- Editor’s note). You can find  slot machines and progressive jackpots in Dublinbet which is equipped with Netent slot machines. Maybe you’ll be the next winner, who knows ?

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