The casino project in Vannes dating from a few years ago has come up again following the mayor, David Robo’s decision. This decision aroused the interest of many people including the mayor of Arzon, Gerard Labove who asked the question directly: “Will there be deaths?” A file which had been put aside for many years and which is attracting the attention of competing casinos who are wondering about the effect of it being put in place.A danger for the Arzon casino’s market share due to the fact that almost half of the venue’s players come from Vannes. It would definitely mean that the present Arzon casino’s clients would return home. It would be difficult for the Arzon casino to recover if the project goes ahead in Vannes.

The pie would be shared between several casinos and that raises concern that if the market isn’t so profitable will Joa stay or will it leave to take up other opportunities?

The mayor of Arzan’s goal is clear, he wants Vannes to have a casino which will bring in considerable financial gain for the municipality. Financial interests are prioritised for the municipality. This project would take place in the centre of the Gulf park just beside the harbour station, the exhibition park and the Mercure Hotel. The mayor insists on quality, he is asking for restaurants, gaming rooms and also areas for future shows.

The mayor of Arzon is suffering from doubts because he has no guarantee on Joaacasino’s decision when the public service agreement will expire at the end of 2018. However, it is the Interior Ministry which will decide the fate of this new casino. In fact it is the ministry which grants the authorisation to run casinos and gaming. It’s at this moment that the casino owners are investing to conquer the market.

The competition to manage this large market has been announced, the main competitors are the SBEC (Breton Society for Casino Management) and Joa. Given that the future manager will be chosen in mid-December, bankers’ eyes are riveted on the future of this new project. A project that will bear fruit for the population, the players and the investors. This may be good for certain people but others think that the construction of such an establishment will make the poor poorer. The casino owners claim that the market for the future Vannes casino isn’t as large as it seems to be. What will make it larger is to count in the clients of the neighbouring casinos. This brings them to the conclusion that it’s a non-extendable market.

It is predicted that the project will conclude in 2015 and that the casino would be ready to open in the same year. The casino will find its place within the market despite its competitors, not just by simply basing itself on the clients of the neighbouring casinos but mostly by basing itself on tourists and foreign visitors.