The opening of the court case long awaited by Corsicans this Wednesday. Highly placed public representatives working or retired said to be regulars in a casino focused in on by dangerous mafias. Criminals running this casino who have been in conflict with the population for a long time. The case is before the Paris criminal court. In this case, ten men are accused of using force to take over the Wagram circle on the 19th of January 2011. The Sea Breeze Gang is the name given to these major criminals who terrify the Corsicans. A criminal organisation which is bursting with police at every level.

The infiltration of society as a whole by the Sea Breeze Gang

The judges Robert and Touraine signed the court document with a shocking chapter title “The De- facto Management of the Wagram and Eldo circles by members of Corsican organized crime”. Information from the investigation confirms that the Breeze had already infiltrated the two companies since 1997. This same information showed that the now defunct Richard Casanova’s team amassed up to 275 000€ at the end of each month. The judges dealing with the case were interested in the question of police complicity in these criminal affairs. In concrete terms, at one time the Wagram circle was managed by an ex-police officer, Honore Renon. Mathieu Fabiani was also listed as having replaced the latter as chairman. Without being charged with anything some well known figures were also questioned in this affair including Jean-Baptiste Rossi, François-Xavier Monti and Guy Bernaudon, all former civil servants.

The worst thing in this story is that Marie-Claire Giacomini who ran the restaurant and bar was suspected of having a relationship with Squarcini Bernard, her uncle in reality. Having been previously an officer in the French police he was the director of the interior intelligence service. During his testimony, Mr. Squarcini stated that he didn’t know that the national intelligence service was keeping an eye on the Wagram circle. Mr. Squarcini didn’t approve of the establishment’s bad reputation and so he decided to stop going there.

A well stocked board of directors

The court case will reveal why the establishment’s board of management was mainly made up of retired police officers, a question that greatly interests the population. The Nanterre Public Prosecutors Office ordered a general inspection of the services after 14 000€ seized during the investigation into the circles disappeared. At that time, a very influential police officer called Robert Saby was involved in the case. He was an investigator while he was also the director for racing and gaming in 2011. A story full of obvious complicity and confusion which is making the people involved talk.