Casino HungaryThe world of gaming is about to extend into Hungary. A giant casino complex will be underway at the end of 2012. In Bezenye, on the Slovak and Austrian border, this casino complex will give players more space and enjoyment. This news recently announced by the investors has interested many people.The Hungarian press agency MTI released this information by confirming that the Hans Asamer and Alfred Supersberger company had received the authorisation needed to begin construction. A large construction site including a hotel complex and gaming rooms with the name “Eurovegas”. The opening is scheduled for the beginning of 2014 and half of the finance will come from loans of up to 300 million euros.

The building of this complex will create jobs and will have a positive effect on the region’s economy. Workforces will be created for many businesses. In fact, this giant complex will also include a steakhouse, a Bavarian “Biergarten” as well as the casinos and gaming rooms and there will also be an area for concerts.The creation of this complex will attract many tourists. It will be a point of interest for people living in the region and it will bring in good tax revenue for the authorities. In 2006, the investors received a call for tender along with the licence to carry out the profession of casino owner for 20 years. It is from this call for tender that the project has been launched. With the many services it will provide for its clientele, comfortable and luxurious rooms, varied entertainment, international cuisine to cater to all tastes, this large complex will become well known after its opening.

At the moment, this is the type of investment that pays because with the recession people want to get out of it as quickly as possible by getting involved in different games, secondly, other people are looking for a place where they can enjoy a maximum of entertainment, leisure activities, games and casinos. Such a project is beneficial for several parties, new sources of income for future employees, new tourist infrastructure to benefit craft workers in the region, a new destination for gamblers and a return on their investment for the owners – investors.Hungary will benefit from a setting where money, fame, investors and tourists will circulate. Gambling in rooms and casinos attracts all social classes. The professional network will broaden over time given that the size of such a construction project will bring in financial partnerships on an international scale with major investors. The Hungarian parliament’s ban in October last on using slot machines in small casinos and in the country’s bars excludes the large international groups. The “Eurovegas” complex seems to be spared from this ban.