Land based casinos are now in a difficult economic situation and some fear for their future. The loss of business is due to several factors: the ban on smoking in public places, the persistent economic downturn and the legalisation of online gaming. With the opening up of gambling on the internet, the land based casinos were afraid that they wouldn’t measure up to this new way of gambling and it seems that their fears were justified. In fact, this new market gradually took off and won players’ hearts. They no longer have to go out to real casinos but can do it on a computer with only a few clicks at any time day or night.

However initially virtual casinos were the object of fierce criticism. They were accused of not being legal sites and moreover that they didn’t offer players any security. With the increase in the number of operators the criticism intensified and they were even accused of not paying players. In spite of everything, the online casinos continued to fight to move into this much sought after market and now they are benefiting from their efforts. In fact, gaming specialists have claimed that 2013 is their year. This analysis is based on two points: the first concerns the development of virtual games in more and more countries. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and therefore wants to legalise these games in their country. They are also going to put everything in place to allow European players to visit off shore sites. The second point concerns the profitability of the online games which attract a large and rising number of investors.

The latest winnings in online casinos will definitely engender very favourable publicity this year. A Finnish player won 17.8 million euros on a progressive jackpot from the gaming supplier Net entertainment. Even if that was the first time such an amount was reached, several good amounts of a few million euros have been won in the past. The publicity surrounding this incredible event will certainly attract new players. Without mentioning online casinos offering live games like Celtic Casino which offer players live roulette, baccarat and blackjack tables with dealers filmed by webcams.