Investment inspite of the recession is the watchword for French casinos. Large amounts are being invested in renovating rooms, buying new machines, fitting out smoking areas, entertainment…

According to the results it seems that this is bearing fruit and attracting players again. The difference being that these are a new type of player, that is to say that they are on lower incomes and most didn’t visit casinos before. This is why casino management has concentrated on buying low bet slot machines that start at one cent. They know that with the recession that the clientele wants to enjoy its self for quite a while without spending a lot.

This year the Pines Casino invested 235 000 in renovating 9 one armed bandits and buying 8 new machines. Its new acquisitions include English electronic roulette, a new trend where only the dealer is in the usual position while the players play on screens.Thanks to all the publicity surrounding the event, there were many players at the opening of the Pines and the Director of Marketing, Laurence Chaillot was able to see that the communication had worked well.

This only went to show that players are eager to try new things. Unfortunately, in order to offer new games casino owners must get the authorisation of the Interior Ministry. Casino management is well aware that this is what attracts players and sent the Prime Minister, Jean – Marc Ayrault, a letter with their demands on the 20th of December 2012. They asked him to grant them the permission to run new games.

Those in charge of casinos know that when they get the permission to offer new games that they will have to be inspected by an expert from the Criminal Investigation Department. The Pines Casino has gone along with this condition and waited until the latter gave the go ahead after a meticulous inspection. It now hopes that its investment will please the clientele, which shouldn’t be difficult given the attraction for new games at the moment.