Visionary Igaming live casinoPros of live gaming such as Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino have several points in common. These two live casinos are both specialists in live gaming with flesh and blood dealers who welcome players from all over the world like royalty. Moreover, these two online casinos accept French speaking players including those in France. The software they have in common links them the most: Visionaryigaming. In the online industry, this software is better known under the name VIG. Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino run VIG technology allowing players to sit at an online roulette, baccarat or blackjack table from their own homes. The technology developed by VIG is amongst the most cutting edge in the live gaming sector.Visionary igaming is to live casino what Netent or Betsoft are to 3D slot machines. In fact, thanks to VIG’s technology and experience this software is very well known due to its ability to run live games. Celtic Casino and Fairway benefit from the technology which is a leader in the field due to the live retransmission of gaming tables hosted by live female dealers.Visionaryigaming can compete with technology from Playtech or 888 and the retransmission takes place without any bugs or technical problems. Everything is quick, the pictures are perfect and instant just as very demanding players like. Visionaryigaming has other competitors like Distance Gaming from Vuetec which is used by another leader in live gaming, Lucky Live Casino.Live gaming software has a solid future. Visionaryigaming will be able to fully benefit from its reputation in a growing niche market which is appreciated by table games’ High Rollers due to the ease of access to tables similar to those in a real casino without any of the disadvantages.