RIP to the scams casinos Fairway Casino and Celtic CasinoIt’s all over for Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino. These two online casinos closed down suddenly without telling anyone.  A sad ending for these two live casinos that held good places in 2015 on our list of online casinos. However, for the past few months these two online casinos have been on the casino blacklist.

They were bad at paying out winnings and had a number of problems. When these two casinos were serious and reliable, they were highly placed on our reference guide. They were pioneers in organising live games tournaments and were popular with players. But that was before things started to go wrong in mid-2017 and they joined the list of casinos to avoid at all costs.

Live Dealers Casino tells you how Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino, former online gaming pioneers, came to close down.

Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino : former live tournament pioneers

No other live casino offered as many live casinos as Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino. Tournaments were organised every month and the 25 players who had bet most at the live tables shared the pool of €6 100. One month, only bets placed at roulette tables were considered to win the tournament. Some times only the blackjack tables were concerned. Other tournaments involved online roulette, blackjack and baccarat tables. Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino built their reputations mainly on live dealer tournamants. It must be said that the prizepools were worthwhile and one could play at live tables while hoping to win one of the 25 prizes.

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Player complaints and casinos on a blacklist

Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino’s main problem was non-payment of players’ winnings. Both live casinos didn’t carry out their duties concerning winnings payouts. So they ended up closing down and leaving players in the lurch. Very many online gaming guides placed these two live casinos on their blacklist. Moreover, customer service disappeared so no one could help players. In better times, customer assistance would answer players’ questions…. but that was then. Since they were launched, Fairway Casino and  Celtic Casino offered only Visionary Igaming tables. They didn’t change with the times and in the end players had enough of their single developer.

In contrast, live casinos such as DublinBet and MrXbet, who have more than 7 live dealer developers, listen to their players and fulfil their needs. These big names in igaming moved with the times and haven’t found themselves in a similar situation to Celtic and Fairway.

Betbit, a bitcoin casino to AVOID !

The Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino management have quite a neck. While they have just closed two online casinos and left thousands of players high and dry, they are now promoting Betbit. This bitcoin casino belongs to those who launched Celtic Casino and Fairway Casino. It’s quite likely that Betbit will take the same path as Fairway and Celtic over the next few years. Obviously, we don’t advise our readers to play on Betbit. On the other hand, we recommend playing in MrXbet or Dublinbet, two safe bets in the world of live igaming.

RIP Fairway and Celtic Casinos.