perfect blackjack, netent liveNetEnt Live’s Blackjack Live has just been enriched with the launch of a new table, the Perfect Blackjack. Launched as promised at the beginning of the year, this new production jointly developed with the Rank Group is the first of its kind in various respects.

And the good news is that it is now available on all online casinos partners of the Swedish publisher.

The most promising blackjack table on the market

As its name suggests, the Perfect Blackjack is a version of the famous card game on which the dealer strictly applies the recommended actions in the blackjack perfect strategy chart. As a result, the house’s advantage is reduced to a maximum of only 0.05%. This implies that in this version, the RTP offered is 99.5%.

This is unique because until then, no operator offered blackjack tables with such a high RTP. The other advantage is that in this case the player has almost nothing to do, except making his bets and deciding at the beginning of the game if he wants to activate the split or doubling function automatically. The dealer literally takes care of everything in compliance with the rules of the perfect blackjack strategy.  We must recall that according to this principle the dealer draws 16 and stays at 17.

While this game may seem restrictive, especially for players who want to set up their own strategy, it is ideal for players who are still familiar with blackjack strategies and those who want to minimize their risks.

The other specificities of this version

Unlike regular Blackjack games that usually last a minute or more, Perfect Blackjack games only last a few dozens of seconds. Each player has 10 seconds to make his bets and the rest of the time is taken by the dealer. No question of wasting time. The other big feature of this table is that it only offers three main betting sites.

However, each of them can receive bets from an unlimited number of players. At the same time, it is possible to bet from several places at a time. As with many other current live blackjack tables it is also possible to bet on the 23 + 1 or the Perfect Pairs.

Available on all online partner casinos

A few months ago, at the announcement of the creation of this table, NetEnt announced a partnership with the Rank Group, one of the leading casino operators in the United Kingdom. The newly created version was originally intended to be available only on, one of the UK group’s online platforms.

But thankfully, the software finally decided to make it available on all Netent Live online casinos. The table is open 24/7 and is available on PC, as well as on smartphones and tablets.