Poker has become a major craze over the past few years and its success looks as if it will continue in the future. In fact since all the media coverage there are more and more fans playing it because this game of observation and mastery can also bring in very large amounts of money. Some players have become global stars by winning prestigious prizes which have even allowed them to leave their jobs. Film stars like Partick Bruel are known to all poker players and his television appearances commenting on poker games have added to its increased popularity.Every year prestigious tournaments are organised all over the world and their number keeps growing. In France, Bernard and Laurent Tapie, who need no introduction, and Prosper Masquelier (Director General of the ISPT) organise the International Stadium Poker Tour. This event which will take place from the 31st May to the 6th June 2013 will be the largest poker tournament ever organised. Even the venue is unusual : it is Wembley Stadium in London which is the second largest stadium in Europe. On the first two days of the tournament, the 30 000 anticipated players will compete with each other from the stands in the stadium using computers and tablets. In order to compete the players must pay a buy in of 600 euros. On the third day there will only be 3 000 players left who will be seated at the 300 tables placed on the grass. The 2 400 players will share 20 million euros and the winner will leave with the ISPT trophy.The organisers are very happy with the instant attraction for this unusual project. Since it was advertised, 2 000 players signed up in less than two days. However a lot of people are sceptical about whether this tournament will actually take place because it has already been postponed twice. In their defence, the organisers insist that this event will take place completely legally since they hold a gaming licence granted by the Gambling Commission.