Wynn Casino in MacauFor a long time Las Vegas was globally considered the main gaming city. Several massive complexes have been built over the years and Las Vegas was able to diversify its offer in response to players’ ever increasing demands. Unfortunately the city of excess hasn’t been spared by the economic crisis and so its level of visitors fell greatly and Las Vegas has lost its monopoly. Macau, the ex-Portuguese colony, has managed to quietly make its name in the world of gaming.
This little island is the only Chinese territory where cash games are permitted, this is why Chinese tourists go there in ever greater numbers. In response to this growing demand, Macau has increased the number of its casinos by offering diverse games. Gigantic hotel complexes have even been built to accommodate the millions of visitors to the island every year. All of these efforts have borne fruit since Macau now occupies the first place for cash games in the world. With revenue of almost five times more than that of Las Vegas, Macau has become the leader. Such success engenders envy. This has been the case for Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines who also wish to make their way in the world of gaming. Vast luxurious projects have been created and others are in the process of being built to attract tourists.
Russia is also very interested and has decided to construct casinos in the region of Vladivostok. This city is very well placed geographically since it is near to China and North Korea. Due to this, Chinese and Korean tourists would be easily able to travel to this Russian port. Russia wishes to attract many investors and wants to benefit from the Global Gaming Expo Asia which will be held in Macau by advertising in the 6 square kilometres which will be entirely devoted to casinos. This international cash games exhibition is the ideal place to canvass new casino managers.