Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino on Live Dealers Casino's BlacklistFor many years, Live Dealers Casino has promoted Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino, two live casinos that were leaders in the igaming sector.

Both live casinos had an excellent reputation among players but that was a long time ago. Since things have changed. Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino belong to the same group, Live Gaming Media, and offer Visionary Igaming (VIG) live gaming tables.

Since they were launched, these two live casinos have remained loyal to VIG and have never added new software so that their players could have a wider choice.

Now, Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino are both on Live Dealers Casino’s blacklist. We’ll explain here why these two live casinos have lost their standing.

Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino : two casinos that have rested on their laurels

No matter which online casino is involved, it’s vital that new games are constantly provided either slot machines or live dealer table or card games.

In Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino the clock stopped in 2016. There have been no new tables and the range of slot machines has n’t changed at all. Roulette, baccarat and blackjack tournaments also stopped in February 2018.

Live gaming tournaments contributed greatly to the rise of these two online casinos and haven’t been renewed for several months. These two virtual casinos are losing their way and have rested on their laurels a bit too much.

Nothing new, no renewed tournaments and no communication with guides like ours that specialise in live games. Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino , which were at the top of our list in 2012-2013, have lost their position over time.

It’s a pity that live casinos reach this point and don’t know how to evolve to meet the demands of online players.

Also, wagering and long payout delays or even at times no payments haven’t helped their case. Several guides have placed these two casinos on their blacklist and no longer recommend them to their players.

Live casinos offering Visionary Igaming

Visionary Igaming software is good live gaming software. While we no longer recommend Fairway Casino and Celtic Casino we have nothing against Visionary Igaming casinos.

You can find VIG tables in MrXbet, Casino Extra and Dublinbet among others. Also all of these virtual casinos offer software from several developers and know how to evolve over time to meet players’ expectations.

MrXbet provides players with live games from VIG but also from Authentic Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi and Microgaming just to name a few. It’s the same for Casino Extra and Dublinbet with their 150 live tables from 7 gaming developers.

Visionary Igaming remains a good developer in the casinos that we have mentioned previously. So you can find a wide range of high quality games to play on different platforms in a single place.