Usually in times of economic crisis, people turn to games of chance to try to win large sums of money. But the ongoing economic downturn is changing the habits of players who continue to play but with much smaller wagers. Casino mangers are now dealing with a category of fairly modest players, who didn’t visit casinos up to now, by offering them games with minimal bets. Smokers haven’t been forgotten either with smokers’ terraces having been specially built to allow them to gamble while smoking a cigarette. It must be said that since the November 2006 decree forbidding smoking in public places was put in place, smokers have become a lot rarer among casino clients.

In this difficult climate, most casinos can barely keep their head above water and are sinking little by little into a very worrying situation. However, the Menton Barriere Casino has published results that are raised and actually positive. Thanks to slot machines, revenue has increased by more than 5%. This is the result of considerable investment in the latest generation of one armed bandits and in particular video slot machines. The director of the Menton Barriere Casino has not skimped on the financial means and has completely changed his establishment. He has invested no less than 700 000 euros in a smokers’ terrace. Several other areas have also been upgraded such as the entrance which has been completely renovated. The whole staff has been trained according to their profession in order to fulfil the players’ every demand.

In spite of the encouraging results, the Menton Barriere Casino isn’t sitting on its laurels. It is very well aware that efforts must continue to keep its clientele and to attract new players. Since the Italians have deserted its casino due to restrictive measures introduced on the other side of the Alps, the casino has lost quite a lot of its clients. Added to this is the mandatory identity check at the casino entrance which has displeased some players who prefer to avoid the venue.