Mega Fortune Dreams is a Netent's Progressive JackpotOn the Bingo casino site, an English man had the pleasant surprise of winning the Mega Fortune Dreams progressive jackpot, one of the developer Netent’s leading games. The happy winner won £4,082, 246 or 4.6 million euros. A great win on an online progressive slot machine from one of the best gaming developers. The Mega Fortune Dreams progressive jackpot has made another millionaire.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more on this lucky English player who, following this win, has radically changed his life.

Online progressive jackpot: “ we can all be lucky”

We don’t know the identity of the winner of this Netent progressive jackpot: we just know that he’s English and aged 49. This player can thank his lucky stars that he couldn’t sleep. Early one  afternoon, this Englishman went to bed to nap for a few minutes but not being able to sleep, he decided to play in an online casino. He played on the site on the Netent Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine. The forty nine year old got very tired while playing but suddenly he noticed that something was happening and that the machine was reacting. He was sure that he’d won but couldn’t see properly to check how much. He put on his glasses to see and his screen showed £4,082, 246 ! This jackpot woke him up more than 12 cups of coffee!

Not able to believe his eyes he said : “ You hear about people who win jackpots like this worth millions of pounds but you don’t ever believe it because it never happens to someone that you know. Now it’s happened to me! It’s so unreal !”

Very generous to his family and friends

The new sterling millionaire took early and well deserved retirement. He enjoyed buying himself an Aston Martin DB11 and a Jaguar XJ for his father. He plans on going to Disneyland with his family. He is very generous because he’s put aside one million pounds sterling to treat his family and friends, which is very kind of this winner.

Netent’s Mega Fortune progressive jackpot is one of the Swedish developer’s leading games. Like all progressive jackpots, the pot increases every second because Netent is one of the most popular developers used by online casinos. Just a reminder that if you want to test Netent’s slot machines, they’re available for free. However obviously, only real money bets are accepted for the progressive jackpots and this goes for all online gaming developers.