Las Vegas Casino : Floyd Mayweather wins jackpotsAfter winning 200 million dollars for his fight against Conor Mc Gregor, Floyd Mayweather has hung up his gloves. It must be said that with a fortune estimated to be over a billion dollars, Floyd Mayweather can now benefit from a well earned retirement. To relax, the multi millionaire plays the slot machines in Las Vegas Casinos. This time though it’s not his experience that will make him win like in the ring but just pure chance. Twice, Floyd Mayweather has won jackpots in Las Vegas Casinos and in total these jackpots have brought him $170,500.

Two jackpots on the same evening in a Sin City Casino

Floyd Mayweather must have lucky hands. There’s definitely no place for chance in a boxing ring and this unique boxer has a record that far outstrips his competitors: 50 fights, 50 victories of which 27 were before the limit. On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather is a lucky player in casinos. It’s not just by chance that Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known by this name with his billion dollars in the bank. This talented boxer has made his name and won a fortune not only by working but also by playing. Sitting at a slot machine in a Las Vegas Casino, Floyd Mayweather won $100,500 at one slot machine and $70,000 at another. With a win of $170,500 on the slot machines, Floyd Mayweather can definitely keep smiling. Nothing better than winning even when you’re a millionaire.

Floyd Mayweather shares his fortune on social media

Floyd Mayweather likes to flash his money around. Floyd Mayweather Instagram (19 million followers!), Facebook (13.5 million followers) and Twitter (7.7 million followers) are the places he uses to show off his fortune in cash. Flashing notes,  Floyd Mayweather likes to walk around with cash. Even during the 4 press conferences with his adversary, Conor McGregor, he took out bundles of cash and threw them at his adversary.  Spending time in Las Vegas casinos,  Floyd Mayweather has just bought a place for 26 million dollars above Los Angeles, in Beverley Hills. For this price he has 10 000 square metres with 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a bar, a gym, a spa and a 50 seat cinema. He wouldn’t have come by the money to pay for such a mansion with the 170 000 dollars won on the slot machines. We’d imagine that with these two wins Floyd Mayweather might have just been able to buy himself a vintage bottle of wine, who knows?